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Alexander Technique lessons with Pete Robinson mSTAT

Pete Robinson

Learn Alexander Technique With Pete Robinson

I am available to teach individual lessons at my home studio, give group talks and workshops and also publish an online self-study course.

Why Alexander Technique?

Alexander Technique has been taught globally for around 130 years and many students have found that it can:

Help reduce pain
Improve balance
Help with learning skills such as playing music or sport
Improve posture, movements and breathing
Help with tension and anxiousness

How to learn

Individual lessons supported by quality online resources

Alexander Technique Lessons

Individual Lessons

The most effective way to learn the Alexander Technique is to take a series of lessons.

Online Alexander Technique Course

Online Introductory Course

This course Online Introductory Course
This course is a valuable companion to individual lessons and can be used for self-study if individual lessons are not available.This course

Youtube Alexander Technique

Youtube Channel

My channel contains over 50 videos to help people learn the Alexander Technique

About Me

Peter Robinson

I qualified as an Alexander Technique Teacher in 2008. I am a member of STAT, the largest global professional body for Alexander Technique teachers.

Like many AT Teachers, I was drawn to learning the Technique because of the benefits to my health, wellbeing and performance but got so much out of it that I decided to train to be a teacher.

Since qualifying, I run a private teaching practice in South Manchester/Stockport and am on the staff at the Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM).

As a professional musician, I have a special interest in applying Alexander Technique to music making but I also have (painful!) personal experience with back pain, RSI and Arthritis, all of which the Alexander Technique has been incredibly effective at managing.

Previous Clients Include:

BBC Radio
pete Robinson client
dystonia society

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